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FarDU Ilmiy xabarlari

SJIF 2024:
Under evaluation
Area: Multidisciplinary
Evaluated version: online
Previous evaluation SJIF
2023: 3.196
2022: 3.517
2021: 3.132
2020: 3.997
The journal is indexed in:
Basic information  
Main title FarDU Ilmiy xabarlari
ISSN 2181-1571 (E)
Country  Uzbekistan
Frequency Quarterly
License Free for non-commercial use
Texts availability Free
Contact Details  
Editor-in-chief Professor Shermukhammadov Bakhodir Shermukhammadovich
  Fergana State University
Publisher Fergana State University Publishing
  Murabbiylar 19
Journal's description  
Registered under number 1109 by the Agency for Information and Public Communications, operating under the Administration of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, our journal first came to light on September 2, 2020. Since its inception in 1995, it has been the platform for pedagogues, independent researchers, as well as master's and doctoral students from various higher education institutions, vocational colleges, and general education schools across our Republic to publish their academic articles.
Mission and Objectives: Our journal seeks to bridge the gap between various disciplines of science and the general public. By publishing research work, results, and updates from fields as diverse as biology and philosophy, we aim to provide an opportunity for scientists, specialists, scholars, and master's and doctoral students to make their voices heard, promoting scientific literacy and enlightenment.
Language Diversity: Embracing linguistic diversity, we publish our Journal in three languages: Uzbek, Russian, and English.
Specializations: The Journal has a broad spectrum, publishing scholarly articles across all disciplines of science, each backed by a solid scientific foundation. Be it the exact sciences like mathematics, physics-technology, chemistry, biology, and geography, or social-humanitarian sciences like pedagogy, economics, philosophy, political sciences, history, literary studies, and linguistics, our platform welcomes academic contributions from all.

Sections: In addition to "articles," the Journal houses sections like "scientific information," "devotees of our discipline," "literary calendar," and "memory". We commit to publishing six editions a year, providing a steady flow of updated knowledge to our readers.
Accreditation: The Higher Attestation Commission of the Republic of Uzbekistan recommends our Journal for the publication of the principal scientific results of doctoral dissertations in the following areas:
• 02.00.00 – Chemistry
• 03.00.00 – Biology
• 07.00.00 – History
• 09.00.00 – Philosophy
• 10.00.00 – Philology
• 11.00.00 – Geography
• 13.00.00 – Pedagogy
• 23.00.00 – Political Science
Production: Our in-house editorial and publishing department at Fergana State University meticulously crafts the cover design and original layout of the Journal. Printing is executed in the copy department, maintaining a high standard of quality.
Digital Innovations: In a stride towards digital advancements, from 2022 onwards, we assign each article a DOI number through the Crossref platform.
Customizations: To cater to diverse reading preferences, starting from 2023, we have divided each issue into two series: "Social Humanitarian" and "Exact and Natural Sciences."

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