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International Journal of Digital Communication and Analog Signals

SJIF 2024:
Under evaluation
Area: Science
Evaluated version: online
Previous evaluation SJIF
2023: Not indexed
2022: 6.03
2021: 6.088
2020: 6.247
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Basic information  
Main title International Journal of Digital Communication and Analog Signals
ISSN 2455-0329 (E)
Country  India
Frequency Biannual
License Free for non-commercial use
Texts availability Paid
Contact Details  
Editor-in-chief Electronics Prof. Dr. Ramakrishnan S.
  Professor and Head, Department of Information Technology, Dr. Mahalingam College of Engineering & Technology, Pollachi-642003, India
Publisher JournalsPub, An Imprint Of Dhruv Infosystems Pvt. Ltd.
  A-118, 2nd Floor, Sector-63, Noida, U.P. India, Pin – 201301
Journal's description  
International Journal of Digital Communication and Analog Signals [2455-0329(e)] is a peer-reviewed hybrid open-access journal launched in 2015 aiming to bridge the gap of scientific communication between various research facilities in this discipline. The journal covers every major aspect of digital communication and analog signaling and focuses on the recent advances in processing circuits. The journal publishes high-quality peer-reviewed articles and editorial reviews and also welcomes other forms of communication like short communication and unsolicited comprehensive review articles.

Focus and Scope
Frequency division multiplexing- Optical fiber sensors, Fiber lasers, Laser modes, Wavelength division multiplexing, m-channel wavelength division demultiplexer, Beat frequency demodulation, microstrip antenna arrays, MIMO radar, radar antennas, radar resolution, MIMO radar system, radar measurement,digital-beamforming method, transceiver chips.

Pulse code modulation- Modulation coding, Decoding, Pulse modulation, Bandwidth, Optical modulation, Optical pulses, Viterbi algorithm, Optical receivers, Performance gain, pulse-code modulation, signal detection, and telecommunication channels.

Quantization- Data compression, quantization (signal), speech coding, trees (mathematics), vector quantization, Codebook, Scalar Quantization, Signal Quantization Noise Ratio, Speech Compression, Tree-Structured Vector Quantization, Deep learning, Quantization (signal), Stochastic processes, Object detection, Mobile handset, Classification algorithms, Image classification, Vector Quantization.

Delta modulation- Transmitters, Delta-sigma modulation, Delta modulation, Pulse width modulation, Amplitude modulation, Linearity, Transfer functions, Quantization, Noise figure, Performance analysis, Frequency modulation, Delta-sigma modulation, Signal representations, Signal analysis, Signal processing, Clocks, Sampling methods, Physics, Fourier series, Bandwidth.

Voice and data integration- Databases, Servers, Software, Surgery, Schedules, Biomedical monitoring, Acoustics, Wireless LAN, Speech communication, Data communication, Packet reservation multiaccess, Delay effects, Communication system traffic, Media Access Protocol, Access protocols, Multiaccess communication, Personal communication networks, Base stations, Programmable control, Adaptive control, Access control, System performance, Performance analysis.

Baseband Transmission-Baseband transmission channel, DVB video, signal processing, digital video broadcasting transmission model, digital filter, variable transmission parameters, linear distortions, additive noise, bit error rate, symbol error rate, picture quality evaluation analysis, cut-off frequency, Band-pass filters, Baseband, Codes, Software packages, Market research, Data communication.

Analogue processing circuits- Analog circuits, Energy consumption, Voltage, CMOS process, CMOS technology, MOSFETs, Power generation, Digital systems, Costs, CMOS analog integrated circuits, CMOS analog integrated circuits, BiCMOS integrated circuits, Maximum likelihood decoding, Viterbi algorithm, Convolutional codes.

Digital signal processing- Digital signal processors, Multiprocessing, Parallel architectures, Real-time systems, Signal processing, Adaptive signal processing, Digital communication, Cost function, Signal processing algorithms, Adaptive systems, Density functional theory, Signal processing, Robustness, Convergence, Digital signal processing.

Analog-to-digital converter- Analogue-digital conversion, ADC,analog-to-digital converter, code transition level, coherent sampling, DNL, ENOB, histogram, INL, LSB, missing codes, noise power ratio, Audio systems, Delta modulation, anti-aliasing filtering.

Magnetic recording- Heat-assisted magnetic recording, Perpendicular magnetic anisotropy, Perpendicular magnetic recording, Signal-to-noise ratio, Hard disks, shingled heat-assisted, magnetic recording, interlaced magnetic recording, spin stand measurements, drive footprinting.


Digital Radio
Wireless Modem
Continuous Signal
Analog Filters
Operational Filters
Communication systems
Digital-analog conversion
Resource management
Receiving antennas
Transmitting antennas

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