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Research & Reviews: Journal of Crop Science and Technology

SJIF 2024:
Under evaluation
Area: Multidisciplinary
Evaluated version: online
Previous evaluation SJIF
2023: Not indexed
2022: 6.028
2021: 6.032
2020: 6.035
The journal is indexed in:
Basic information  
Main title Research & Reviews: Journal of Crop Science and Technology
ISSN 2319-3395 (E)
Country  India
Frequency 3 times a year
License All rights reserved - no automatic licence
Texts availability Paid
Contact Details  
Editor-in-chief Dr. Mohammad Aslam Ansari
  Professor College of Agriculture, G. B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology
Publisher STM Journals, An Imprint Of Consortium E-Learning Network Pvt. Ltd.
  A-118, 1st Floor, Sector-63, Noida, U.P. India, Pin – 201301
Journal's description  
About the Journal
Research & Reviews: Journal of Crop Science and Technology [2319-3395(e)] is a peer-reviewed hybrid open-access journal launched in 2011 focused on the publication of current research work carried out under Crop Science and Technology. This journal covers all major fields of applications in Crop Science and Technology.

Focus and Scope
Crop Physiology: crop plants, functioning of plants, respiration, photosynthesis, hormone functions, nutrition, nastic movements, tropisms, parthenogenesis, phototropism, circadian rhythms, economic yield, Cultivar, Agronomy, Crop Management, Irrigation, Plant Breeding, Crop Models, Genotype, reproductive control.

Entomology: zoological science, bugology, lepidoptery, zoology, paleontology, bugology, nematology, parasitology, zoology, botany, mycology, herpetology, plant pathology, the study of insects.

Crop Diversity: crop biodiversity, agriculture, health, nutrition, food security, climate resilience, ecological sustainability, genetic, and phenotypic characteristics.

Viticulture: cultivation, protection, harvest, harvesting, ampelography, breeding, clonal selection, rootstocks, grapevine physiology, veraison, technological ripening, phenolic maturity.

Post-Harvest Management: Agricultural produce, economics, harvest, quality, waste utilization, environment, harvest technology, storing, and transporting agricultural commodities.

Crop Metabolism: biosynthesis of nucleic acids, amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates, and organic acids, lipids, natural products, ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph.

Crop Production and Management: soil, sowing, manure, fertilizers, irrigation, weeding, harvesting, good yield, quality of crops, Ploughing, Sowing, adding nutrients, Irrigation, protecting plants, Harvesting, Storage.

Crop breeding: plant breeding, agriculture, agronomics, agronomy, breeding, crop-raising, cultivation, feeding, fertilizing, Hybridization, Hybrid breeding, crossbreeding, participatory plant breeding, transgenic breeding, molecular plant breeding, terminator technology, traitor technology, organic plant breeding.

Fertilization and Pollen Behavior: pollination, Germination, pollen grains, the stigma of a flower, double fertilization, embryo sac, gametes, pistil, pollen tube guidance, egg cell, ovule, pollen grain, anther, Geitonogamy, Xenogamy, Pollinating Agents, External fertilization.

Crop Farming: agrology, agronomics, agronomy, farming, gardening, horticulture, planting, plowing, cultivation, grains, tubers, husbandry, planting.

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