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NOLEGEIN Journal of Organizational Behavior Management

SJIF 2024:
Under evaluation
Area: Social sciences
Evaluated version: online
Previous evaluation SJIF
2023: Not indexed
2022: 5.756
2021: 5.754
2020: 5.664
The journal is indexed in:
Basic information  
Main title NOLEGEIN Journal of Organizational Behavior Management
ISSN 2582-032X (E)
Country  India
Frequency Biannual
License Free for non-commercial use
Texts availability Paid
Contact Details  
Editor-in-chief Management G G Mathews
  Department of Management Studies, Mount Zion Institute of Management, Mulakuzha, Kerala, India
Publisher MBA Journals, An Imprint Of Consortium E-Learning Network Pvt. Ltd.
  Ltd. A-118, 1st Floor, Sector-63, Noida, U.P. India, Pin – 201301
Journal's description  
About the Journal
NOLEGEIN Journal of Organizational Behavior Management [2582-032X(e)] is a peer-reviewed hybrid open-access journal launched in 2018 that provides a platform to discuss new issues in the area of Organizational Behavior and Management. The journal also seeks to advance the quality of research by publishing papers introducing or elaborating on Organizational Culture and Change Management.

Papers Published

Publication Charge
Open Access
Focus and Scope
Management and Organizational Behavior: Employee voice, voice appreciation, job engagement, emotional stability, longitudinal study, HRM, group cohesion, Interdisciplinarity Team science, Citation network analysis, Topic modeling, Sport psychology, Management, Knowledge-sharing behavior, Social capital theory, Organizational culture, Virtual organization, Organizational behavior, Sense of well-being, Performance measurement, Evolution, Transformation, Change, Employees; Human resource management; Labour markets, Managerial work, Organisational behavior, Research, Leadership, Destructive, Abusive, Tyrannical, Derailed, Disloyal, Aggression, Deviance.

Evolution of Management Thoughts: Family business organization, Cognitive framework, Emotion, Biological perspectives of entrepreneurship, Emotions, Affect, Innovation, Family CEO, Family ownership, River basin Integrated water management Planning Domination of nature, Quality, Quality Management, Baldrige award, Organizational performance, Theory development, Meta-analysis, Airport Strategic performance management, Business excellence, Structural equation modeling, Business software TQMEFQM, Performance measurement, Visualization, Multimodality, Simplification Megaproject.

Departmentation and Structural Formats: Strategic alignment, Profile of technological deployment, Business strategy, Information technology, Organizational performance, Miles and Snow’s typology, Export, Internationalization, SME, IT resource, IT capability, Greenwashing, Corporate social responsibility, Communicative constitution of organizations, Volkswagen, Deceptive manipulation, Reputation damage, ERP, ERP implementation, Contingency theory, Organizational structure, Strategic Planning, Performance, Flexibility.

Organizational culture and Change Management- Change process, Change agent, Organizational culture, Organizational climate, Corporate Sustainability, Organizational culture Competing values framework, Culture change, Organizational culture, Organizational strategy, Technology-driven change, Technology assimilation, Change management, Culture change, Case study, Component knowledge, Architectural knowledge, Sustainable development integration Higher education Change management Human factors, Knowledge management, Organizational culture, Organizational structure, Organizational strategy, Organizational effectiveness.

Systems analysis, management, training, and performance improvement: Environmental management systems, EMAS, ISO 14001, management accounting and control, SMEs, sustainability, Performance evaluation, Machine Learning, Text classification, Farming systems, Modelling, Decision support, DSS, FARMSCAPE, APSIM, Innovation systems, System weaknesses, Policy, Environmental innovations, Renewable energy, industrial energy efficiency, improving energy efficiency, behavioral changes, system approach, production system, continuous improvement, Resilience, Social-ecological systems, Adaptive capacity, Transformations, Lean production, Lean thinking, Lean construction, Construction industry, Performance and, Improvement theories.

Human resource management: Human resource management, Employee adjustment, Well-being CrisisCOVID-19, Project success, Project life cycles, Human resource management, Project-oriented company, Managing of projects, Managing by projects, Human resource management, Human resource/OM interface, Strategic human resource management, Staffing, Operational performance improvement, Cross-cultural, Human resource management, Continuous improvement and learning, Internationalization, Human resource management, Global activities.

Applied behavior analysis: Autism spectrum disorders Applied behavior analysis Language Meta-analysis, Virtual reality therapy, Behavioral assessment, Specific phobias, Anxiety disorders, Meta-analysis, Importance–Performance Analysis, Hotel selection factors, Business and leisure travelers, Sustainability, Practices, Drivers, Performance, Small and medium enterprises, Statistical modeling, Literature review, IPA, Three-factor Theory, Hot springs tourism, Taiwan, Small firms, New firms, Business planning, Venture performance, Meta-analysis, Cultural factors, Corporate Sustainability, Business in society, Environmental performance, Financial performance, Corporate social responsibility.

Behavioral systems analysis: Dementia, Prevalence, Meta-analysis, Developing country, Epidemiology, Secular trends, Cryptocurrencies, Pricing bubbles, Regulation, Cyber criminality, Systematic literature review, Power to gas, Excess energy, Electrolysis, Methanation, Renewable energy concept, Fuel cell vehicles, business process redesign, information systems, information technology, Business process modeling, Enterprise Modeling, Modelling tools, Modelling techniques, International entrepreneurship, Emerging economies, Institutional upheaval.

Performance management: Recommendations, Frameworks, Systems, Inter-organisational performance measurement, Performance management, Performance, Measurement, Management, Reengineering, Accounting, Dashboards, Visualization, Presentation format, Display format, Performance management, Performance measurement, Graphs, Performance improvement, Supply chain management, Key performance indicator (KPI), KPI accomplishment, KPI cost transformation matrix (PCTM).

Employee safety, employee training: Safety culture; Risk management; Injury reduction; Accidents; Hazards, Workplace safety, Industrial accidents, Unsafe work practices, Safety-efficacy, Safety hazards, Safety climate, Accident diagnosis, Work safety scale, job safety, coworker safety, supervisor safety, management safety practices, satisfaction with the safety program, safety climate, Workplace safety, Psychological contracts; Social exchange theory, Qualitative research, Scale development, Safety Commitment Safety climate Co-workers Railroad Construction, Occupational safety; Perception; Organizational culture.

Stress, health, and employee productivity: Integrated sustainability Nature exposure Office workers Restoration Work stress, SARS-CoV-2COVID-19 StressPost-traumatic stress disorder, Work performance, Emotional intelligence, Heat waves, work productivity loss, representative concentration pathways, global warming targets, adaptation, mitigation, Work, Stress, Hotel, Telecommuting, Future time orientation, Proactive coping, Perceived work productivityCOVID-19, Workplace health, Flexible work, Managers, Discourse analysis, Canada, Call centers, Stress, Optimism, Role conflict and ambiguity, Job satisfaction, Job performance.

Evaluation of employee satisfaction and feedback systems: Job satisfaction; Nurse turnover; Intent to leave; Nurse retention; Nurse shortage; Attrition; Research review, Job satisfaction, Nurse shortage, Nurse retention, Nurse turnover, Intention to quit, Affect, Emotions, Attitude, Job satisfaction, Management by Objectives, Performance appraisal, Method, Productivity, Employee effectiveness, Financial and nonfinancial measures, Fairness, Trust, Job satisfaction, Reward Management, Job Satisfaction, Hotel Industry.

Managing absenteeism, tardiness, and turnover: Absence intentions Family–work conflict Hotel employees Psychological capital Romania Turnover intentions Work-family conflict, Concept analysis, Turnover intention, Management, Organisational behavior, Customer incivility Burnout Turnover intention Organizational support Supervisory support Restaurant frontline service employees.

Use of monetary and nonmonetary incentives: UTAUT2Privacy concerns, Perceived value, Personal innovativeness, mobile commerce, Pro-environmental behavior Environmental attitudes Water consumption, Feedback, Systematic review, Energy efficiency, Energy conservation, Behavior change, Household energy, Motivation, Compensation, Human resource management, Individual performance, Employee retention, Delegation, Organizational procedures, Money burning, Data collection, Electronic survey, Incentives, Meta-analysis, Response, Systematic review.

Self-management procedures: Career self-management, Vocational psychology, Vocational adjustment, Personal control, Carrier barriers, Positioning behavior, Influence behavior, Boundary management, Self-management, Self-efficacy, Hemodialysis, End Stage Renal Disease, Self-management; Behavior-based safety; Goal setting; Feedback; Incentives; Mining operations; Lone workers, Protean career attitude, Career self-management, Career insight, Career satisfaction, Employability, Long-term conditions, Normalization Process Theory, Nursing, Primary care, Self-management support.

Programmed instruction, behavioral modeling, and computer-aided instruction: Learning style; Learning preference; Computer attitudes; Computer-aided instruction; Medical student; Surgery, science teaching, science and technology, computer-aided teaching, students’ achievement acid-base, Acid-base, computer-aided teaching, science and technology, attitude scale, Computers, Behaviour therapy, Self-instruction, Phobia, Panic, Fear Fighter, computer-aided instruction, evaluation, attitudes, demographics, Evaluation of CAL systems, Multimedia/hypermedia systems, Interactive learning environments, Computer training, Programmed instruction, Software self-efficacy.

Positive and negative side effects of OBM interventions: COVID-19 pandemic Peritraumatic distress, Depression, Anxiety, Psychological flexibility, psychological inflexibility, Lockdown, Stereotyped attitudes, Performance, Role models, Stereotype threat, Adverse effects, Behavioral disciplines and activities, Psychotherapy, Systematic review, Randomized controlled trials, Minority business enterprise Government contracting Implementation, Blockchain, Disruptive technology, Diffusion of innovation, Systematic review, Technology adoption.

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