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Characteristics evaluated criteria

A. Scientific Quality:
- Percentage of original papers published in last year;
- Scientific papers published in last year;
- Indexation shown in the list of databases.

B. Internationalization:
- Language of the titles and abstracts of articles;
- Language of published articles;
- International Editorial Board;
- Long-term cooperation with foreign reviewers;
- Degree of popularity of the journal for the international market.

C. Stability:
- The regularity of appearance;
- Age of journal.

D. Technical quality:
- DOI number;
- Availability on the Internet;
- Availability of information, editorial, table of contents, abstracts, full text articles;
- The tools used to manage bibliographies.

E. Standards:
- Procedures for reviewing;
- Statements about the originality of the article;
- legal ownership of published content, copyright transfer, etc..

F. Editorial Quality:
- The first page of the cover: title, ISSN, frequency, volume / number / month / year;
- Editorial information;
- Contacts (editor and publisher);
- Detailed guidelines (instructions) for authors;
- Uniform structure of the article.

G . Print and website score:
- Quality of photos and illustrations, graphs and tables, as well as the ability to print in color and quality of the paper.

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